Day 2/21 Plant Based Cleanse

Well, Day 2 of the Ultimate Reset is almost over! I just finished dinner and it was a struggle. Today hasn’t been the easiest of days and it is hard not to just stop and eat something I really enjoy. I’ve been super tired and frustrated with everything today.

For breakfast, I had some oatmeal with blueberries and yogurt with honey. I usually love oatmeal but I normally eat the packets with spices and such so this was SUUUUPER bland for me. But it was doable and the yogurt was good.

For lunch was a Greek salad with chicken & pine nuts and again, I only ate about 1/2 of it because for some reason I have trouble eating that many greens. It starts to nauseate me after awhile haha I wish that wasn’t the case but hey, maybe Ill get better at it with time.

Then for dinner I was supposed to make Nori Rolls but my seaweed didn’t want to roll so mine was more of a burrito type thing. I also had a Japanese Cucumber Salad that was decent.


Overall, today was hard. Ill be honest, I really miss my normal meals. I am constantly thinking of giving up with this but then I remember its only day 2 and I need to suck it up. Or at least do my best to. I don’t want to feel like a failure when it comes to my goals and I don’t want to feel like I wasted my money either! So I’m going to try to push through week 1 and see how I feel then. But now, I am going to sleep because my body is exhausted!


Much Love,

Ashlee ❤


Day 1/21 Plant Based Cleanse 

Today I woke up excited to start my 21 day cleanse! It started amazing with some scrambled eggs, spinach, and toast which I ate regularly anyway so luckily this wasn’t too crazy for me. I did some yoga (you aren’t supposed to do heavy insane workouts during this cleanse) and felt good and centered after some morning meditation. I never even turned my tv in this morning because I was so pleased with listening to the rain outside while getting ready for work. 

Then came lunch…haha I had a micro green salad with miso ginger dressing and miso soup. The soup was amazing ❤️ the salad was eh (I’m not big on greens unless it’s in smoothie form) but I kept eating and tried to get through it. I ended up only eating about 3/4ths of the salad and finished the soup but I was full! About two hours later I had to drink some POWER GREENS.  It honestly wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be. The worst part is how much liquid I had in my stomach 😩 haha but I got it down and felt great that I could do it! 

After work, I went on a nice little walk and enjoyed some nature and fresh air. I think the fact that I have more time in the mornings (since I’m not doing my usual workouts) is going to be my favorite part about this cleanse. It gives me time to find myself and enjoy old hobbies that have fallen to the side. 

For dinner I had a piece of salmon with olive oil/pepper, asparagus and baby red potatoes with pepper. And again, I eat this type of thing pretty regularly anyway so I loved it!  Usually put more seasonings and different things on them but I’m really trying to stick to this cleanse the way it should be. 

Overall, I did pretty good for day 1. I felt some hunger through out the day and as of now I’m trying really hard not to snack but that’s mostly just because of habit. I have a habit of having three meals and three snacks on my normal meal plan so it’s tough to train my mind for a different set of meals. But I’m sure by the end of week 1 those will subside and I’ll feel amazing!! Stay tuned to find out!
Much love,

Ashlee 💜

A Little Bit About Me…

My name is Ashlee, I’m 21 years old, and I live in Southern California. 🌅 I created this blog to document my journey of transitioning to a vegan & gluten free (and maybe even eventually raw vegan) diet. I know there are many environmental/moral reasons to go vegan, and I am happy about those, but my main concern is my health. In 2014 I was diagnosed with Wolffe Parkinson White Syndrome which is a genetic heart condition where your heart has an extra electrical circuit and will randomly beat twice as fast. Sometime I would just be laying in bed and my heart rate would shoot up to 200 bpm. Which is way too damn high! In 2015 I had heart surgery but unfortunately they couldn’t fix it because the extra circuit was too close to my normal one and they didn’t want to risk it and have me end up with a pacemaker. All the medications had more risks than benefits so I decided not to do that either. That was when I decided I had to take care of my body. I started eating healthier and working out 6 days a week with DVD programs and by 2016 I had lost 35 lbs and had only had a handful (maybe 5 the whole year) of crazy heart episodes. (Before I would have them at least 3 times a week). But now I’m searching for more. My body doesn’t feel like it is working as amazing as it could and I feel tired and sluggish. I have hit a plateau with my fitness and health. I stumbled upon a few YouTubers and videos, books, etc and have decided to transition to vegan/gluten free. It is going to be difficult so I wanted to use this as a journal of sorts. And maybe in the future go raw vegan but that will be once I got this first part figured out 😉 I am beginning my journey by starting a 21 day three part plant based cleanse on Jan 9th, 2017. I will use it to help me with the change and hopefully will keep it up after the three weeks are over! So I hope you come with me on my journey and feel free to give my tips, advice, recipes, ANYTHING along the way.

Much Love,
Ashlee 💜