Day 1/21 Plant Based Cleanse 

Today I woke up excited to start my 21 day cleanse! It started amazing with some scrambled eggs, spinach, and toast which I ate regularly anyway so luckily this wasn’t too crazy for me. I did some yoga (you aren’t supposed to do heavy insane workouts during this cleanse) and felt good and centered after some morning meditation. I never even turned my tv in this morning because I was so pleased with listening to the rain outside while getting ready for work. 

Then came lunch…haha I had a micro green salad with miso ginger dressing and miso soup. The soup was amazing ❤️ the salad was eh (I’m not big on greens unless it’s in smoothie form) but I kept eating and tried to get through it. I ended up only eating about 3/4ths of the salad and finished the soup but I was full! About two hours later I had to drink some POWER GREENS.  It honestly wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be. The worst part is how much liquid I had in my stomach 😩 haha but I got it down and felt great that I could do it! 

After work, I went on a nice little walk and enjoyed some nature and fresh air. I think the fact that I have more time in the mornings (since I’m not doing my usual workouts) is going to be my favorite part about this cleanse. It gives me time to find myself and enjoy old hobbies that have fallen to the side. 

For dinner I had a piece of salmon with olive oil/pepper, asparagus and baby red potatoes with pepper. And again, I eat this type of thing pretty regularly anyway so I loved it!  Usually put more seasonings and different things on them but I’m really trying to stick to this cleanse the way it should be. 

Overall, I did pretty good for day 1. I felt some hunger through out the day and as of now I’m trying really hard not to snack but that’s mostly just because of habit. I have a habit of having three meals and three snacks on my normal meal plan so it’s tough to train my mind for a different set of meals. But I’m sure by the end of week 1 those will subside and I’ll feel amazing!! Stay tuned to find out!
Much love,

Ashlee 💜


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