Day 2/21 Plant Based Cleanse

Well, Day 2 of the Ultimate Reset is almost over! I just finished dinner and it was a struggle. Today hasn’t been the easiest of days and it is hard not to just stop and eat something I really enjoy. I’ve been super tired and frustrated with everything today.

For breakfast, I had some oatmeal with blueberries and yogurt with honey. I usually love oatmeal but I normally eat the packets with spices and such so this was SUUUUPER bland for me. But it was doable and the yogurt was good.

For lunch was a Greek salad with chicken & pine nuts and again, I only ate about 1/2 of it because for some reason I have trouble eating that many greens. It starts to nauseate me after awhile haha I wish that wasn’t the case but hey, maybe Ill get better at it with time.

Then for dinner I was supposed to make Nori Rolls but my seaweed didn’t want to roll so mine was more of a burrito type thing. I also had a Japanese Cucumber Salad that was decent.


Overall, today was hard. Ill be honest, I really miss my normal meals. I am constantly thinking of giving up with this but then I remember its only day 2 and I need to suck it up. Or at least do my best to. I don’t want to feel like a failure when it comes to my goals and I don’t want to feel like I wasted my money either! So I’m going to try to push through week 1 and see how I feel then. But now, I am going to sleep because my body is exhausted!


Much Love,

Ashlee ❤